Spring Forward

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 2:33pm

After a dreary winter, spring and summer are always welcome.  We set the clocks ahead one hour, so – after we lose that hour’s sleep – we enjoy more time in the evening after work for outside activities.  Walking, bicycle riding, or just some chores that seem easier to do when the sun is up than in the dark.

It’s also a good time to brighten up your house – put away the winter darks and add spring and summer colors.  It can be as easy as changing the throw pillows on beds or sofas, replacing the dark bedspread with a light-colored and lightweight comforter, switching out any dark floral arrangements for bright colors.   Even the front door mat can be changed to a more seasonal look.

While you are at it, this is a good time to declutter your home.   Pare down accessories and heavy furnishings that were warm and cozy in the winter, but look a little heavy in the warmer weather. 

And don’t just stuff them into an over-full storage closet! This is also a good time to clean those out as well.  It takes a little effort; but when you finish, it is such a treat to see everything neatly organized, and not have to worry about having half the closet fall off the shelf on your head.   Or be able to get  cars in the garage without dodging boxes.

At Quail Creek Self Storage, we make it easy for you to stash those things out of your way, but handy for when you need them next season.  Our 5 x 5 units  start as low as $39 a month for all your small items, and we have units up to 10 x 40 for large furniture, and even cars.

We’re conveniently located at 3030 West Memorial Road, on the south side, just west of the shopping center on May.  You can enter through the Quail Creek neighborhood at Hollow Rock Road.  We are open Monday through Friday from 9:30-5:30 and Saturday from 10:00-2:00.  Our manager Bob will be happy to meet you outside office hours at your convenience.  Call us at 749-4613 and let Bob help you.  And once you rent your unit, you will have 24-hour access.    We also have security cameras, so your treasures will be safe.

You’ll have a spring in your step when you are enjoying your bright, decluttered house.  We can make that happen at Quail Creek Self Storage. 

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