Thu, 07/12/2018
Trees and storage

Lots of people have in their home or apartment what I call the “forbidden room.” It’s that extra bedroom, not in use as a guest room, where you store all the treasures you don’t have space to put elsewhere in your home. Too good to throw away, but no place for it at this time.

It could be extra clothes, lamps or other accessories, dishes, Christmas decorations, maybe that treadmill that you were going to use faithfully, extra furniture, fishing or other sports equipment.

Thu, 07/12/2018
Row of storage units

How many times has this happened to you? Your house is loaded with stuff that you are not using, but it is too good to throw away. Could be decorative accessories that you no longer have a space for, clothes from a former era (or weight!), an extra set of china – maybe incomplete, odd or partial sets of drinking glasses, kitchen utensils or serving pieces, sheets, blankets or other bedding, old sports equipment.


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